The Commonwealth at York

When we talk to someone looking for an apartment, location is something that we apartment management leasing types really love to hype–

“It’s got a great location, you’ll love being able to walk to shopping and dining.”

“We are so close to Target/Walmart/Kroger/etc.!”

“The best thing about us is our convenient location.”

All these are true about Commonwealth at York Apartments, but when it comes to living in York County, we’ve found a recent resident poll on the York County website that really show that York County is a great place to live.  Here are some statistics:

  • An open ended question indicating why residents chose to live in York County received the following answers:

    • 34% choose York County for the school system

    • 18% LIKE living in the area

    • 15% work nearby

York County has award winning schools, but even if you do not have school aged children, you will find that it is a LIKEable place to live, with many recreational facilities and things to do and a quick drive to other cities in Hampton Roads.

Here are a couple more statistics:

  • 49% of residents polled indicated that York County was getting better, specifically in these aspects. (Only 10% thought it was getting worse).

    • Appearance is improving

    • Traffic

    • Recreational Facilities are improving

    • Quality of life in general

  • 86% of those polled plan on staying in York County.

Who doesn’t want to live where the citizens say the quality of life is improving, and where overwhelmingly want to stay put?

Come see why Commonwealth at York brings real meaning to the words location, location, location.  Not only are we close to Target, Kroger, Farm Fresh, Whole Foods, Costco, Fresh Market, and Walmart, Burger King, Chic-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, Subway and Hardee’s, and we could go on and on, but also we are located in the beautiful, LIKEable York County area of Virginia!

Close to everything.  Far from Ordinary!