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Patio season is a year round experience when you live in Coastal Virginia. Having a patio or balcony space to relax on can give you a peaceful place to enjoy your morning coffee or a wonderful spot to cheers with close friends.

Give your patio or balcony space a fresh, new look to match your personal style with easy, affordable patio decor ideas. Start with cozy seating, transitional furniture and some bold textiles, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a stylish, comfortable space to enjoy.

Cozy Seating
Think of your patio or balcony as an outdoor living space, where you’ll want to be comfortable and relaxed. Choose comfortable seating that you and your guests can enjoy – whether you’re sharing saturday morning coffee, or enjoying an evening cocktail while watching the sunset.

Multi-Purpose Furniture
To make the most of your small space, choose multi-purpose furnishings, like side tables that can double as seating and ottomans with storage for blankets or floor pillows. You’ll be able to transition your space from a private oasis to a gathering space with friends in seconds. As a bonus, you’ll spend less when purchasing one piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes.

Give your patio texture, life and color by adding plants to empty corners, tabletops or even the ceiling. If you have space and the green thumb for it, placing a small planter shelf on your patio can allow you to grow a substantial container garden. Just be mindful of sunlight and wind, so that your less hardy plants can thrive.

If you plan to enjoy your patio space into the evenings, you’ll want to put up some form of lighting to help set the mood. Try hanging a string of lights across the ceiling, or place large, LED candles on table tops. Outdoor lanterns and lamps can also work well in a patio or balcony space.

Adding your personal touches to your outdoor living space will give it the feeling of completion. Choosing colorful pillows, cozy blankets and bright rugs in your favorite patterns will all add texture and dimension to your space. Be sure to choose an outdoor rug that can withstand the elements. When purchasing pillows and blankets, make sure you have somewhere to store them in inclement weather.