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In summertime, the pool is the perfect place for family fun and relaxation. Coastal Virginia summers can get steamy hot, and its on those days in particular that our residents most enjoy having convenient access to our luxury, community pool. Pool season can be fun for everyone, but it’s important that every person remain responsible and take proper steps to keep themselves and their family members safe. Even the strongest of swimmers needs to be aware of pool safety, since preventable water-related accidents and accidental drownings happen every year. We want our residents to enjoy their best summer yet, and we’ve put together a list of pool safety tips to help them do it safely and responsibly. Here are some important ways to help ensure the safety of every member of your family this season…

The pool at CommonweathBrush Up on Your CPR
While we know it may seem extreme, in the event of an emergency, there is no skill you’ll be more grateful to have than knowing CPR. Even taking an online class can be a good first step in ensuring that you know how to respond to a possible pool emergency. Check your local Red Cross website for information on upcoming First Aid classes, and consider taking one before summer kicks into full gear.
Never Leave a Child Unattended in a Pool
Even if your child is a strong, experienced swimmer, it’s still important to stay with them and keep your eyes on them at all times at the pool. Kids tend to have less awareness of their bodies’ limitations, and can continue to swim even when they’ve become tired, putting them at a higher risk for accidental drowning. Their inexperience may also cause them to panic in a possible emergency swimming situation, and any swim training they may have had can vanish under these circumstances. If you keep your eyes on your child, you can make sure to break up horseplay, remove them from the pool when they’re tired and respond immediately should they become over-tired.
Sign Up for Swim Lessons
Anyone in your family can benefit from swim lessons, but particularly those who don’t swim well. Kids and adults with limited swimming ability should be enrolled in regular swimming lessons throughout the year to help ensure their comfort and safety while swimming in the pool. While swim lessons won’t completely remove the risk for accidents or drowning, it will decrease the risk significantly, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.
Stay Away from Drains
Pool drains are meant to suction debris from the pool while you swim, but they can become dangerous for children or anyone with long hair. Powerful suction can pull small limbs and long hair into the drain, as well as jewelry, bathing suit accessories and other stray items. Keep yourself and your little ones away from drains at all times to ensure everyone’s safety.
Avoid Alcohol
While many pool parties and summer activities may include alcoholic beverages, if you or your family members decide to swim, it’s better to abstain. Drinking even a small amount of alcohol can impair your judgement, and whether you’re swimming or in charge of a swimming child, your judgement is what you’ll need most. Avoid alcohol altogether during water play and swimming, and ensure the safety of the loves you love.
Take Breaks
If you or your family members choose to swim for long periods of time on hot, lazy summer days, it’s important to remember to take breaks, hydrate and eat. It can be easy to lose your appetite and sense of thirst while swimming in the heat, but these are precisely the fuel you’ll need to stay alert. When in doubt, take a break and assess your body’s needs once every 30 minutes while swimming in high heat.