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Summer is in full swing in sunny, Coastal Virginia, and that means you’re probably soaking up the sun beside the pool, dining al fresco and enjoying biking, running and walking around our neighborhood. It’s also the perfect time to bring the inspiration of the colorful outdoors to your home indoors, by giving your home a simple, seasonal decor adjustment.

Redecorating for summer is easier than you think, and it won’t cost your hard-earned vacation money or summer savings. In fact, you can give your home all the fresh touches of summer your space needs without spending more than $50, and we’ve got tips to show you exactly how to do it.

If you’re ready to bring this beautiful season of fresh, salty air and bright sunshine into your apartment, here are just a few budget-friendly decor ideas we love. Happy Decorating!

So Fresh & So Clean
Before you bring any new decor items into your home, give yourself a fresh, clean palette to start with. Summer style is all about simplicity and clean finishes, so declutter your space, wipe down every surface you own and give your home a fresh, energized look for the season!

Bedding & Linens
An easy way to bring summer style into your home is by switching out your bedding and linens. Pack up your heavy comforter in exchange for a colorful quilt or bright white summer duvet. Replace your towels and pick up a new shower curtain in stark white or your favorite seasonal colors like turquoise, coral or sage green.

Accents & Throws
Switch out your throw pillow and sham covers with colorful, stylish summer patterns, and while you’re at it, pack up those heavy winter throw blankets. Pick up a few light blankets in bright colors from Target or Walmart, and voila! Your home will be sunny and bright in no time.

Flowers & Plants
Bring the blooming plant life outside to your inside, and place vases of freshly cut flowers at your centerpiece, side tables and atop your bedroom dresser. Place a few potted plants around your home as well, especially in those empty corners that need a fresh touch of new life.

DIY Furniture Updates
Rather than spend money on new furniture to update your summer style, repurpose some you already own by staining, painting or refinishing it! Pick up inexpensive chalk paint from Lowe’s and paint old side tables in antique white or navy blue. Paint dingy dining room chairs in the colors of the rainbow or give your beat up coffee table a fresh coat of stain to have it looking shiny and new!