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2020 kicks off not only a new year, but a new decade of living life at your best. Over the last ten years, fitness trends have evolved at lightning speed, making it easier than ever to get your sweat on, no matter where you are or how much time you have to spare.

Fitness trends for the new decade take a more holistic, social and adaptable approach to exercise, with technology designed to help you work out from anywhere and movement styles made to address your body and your mind.

If you’re ready to tackle the next decade of your life with fresh fitness trends that help you feel your best, here are 5 we recommend you try.

Enjoying Movement
The days of suffering through pain to gain are long gone in the new year, and the way of the future is moving in ways that actually feel good. Rather than force yourself through workouts that you despise, try choosing movement that makes you happy, like walking in nature, jogging along the waterfront, biking with friends or yoga after a long day at work. There have never been as many ways to move and sweat as there are today, empowering you to exercise and love it!

At Home & On the Go
2020 Fitness trends are all about fitness apps and technology that you can use at home, or on the go. While you’ll still probably make your way to the fitness center, yoga class or spin studio, you can now bring your workout with you while you travel or complete programmed workouts from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Community Fitness
Fitness has never been more social, and with social media and emerging types of exercise and movement making their way into cities and towns everywhere, gathering to sweat together is a way to connect and be social.

Wearable Technology
Fitness apps, wearable fitness and health trackers and other on-the-go technology has arrived, making your workouts more convenient and streamlined than ever before. Whether you’re tracking steps, logging runs, monitoring caloric intake or streaming your workouts, you’ll have the technology to back you up along the way.

Restorative Movement
Fitness is no longer about only feeling the burn and pushing yourself to the brink. Today’s fitness trends include mindfulness, breath training, meditation and restorative movements that help to keep your body recovering and feeling balanced.