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Decorate Your Patio on a Budget

Exterior of an apartment building

You’ve worked hard to create a cozy, stylish living space inside your apartment that allows you to come home and feel instantly relaxed. As spring approaches, it’s time to think about extending that living space onto your patio, by creating a lovely, outdoor living space with the seating and decor you love.

If you shop designer brands and brand new, even the smallest of patio decorating projects can become costly, but with a good strategy and some smart shopping, you can deck out your patio space on a budget and in little time. Whether you prefer to use your patio space as a lounge area, a home to your container garden or a space to dine al fresco on comfortable, summer nights, there are simple and inexpensive ways to achieve your dream.

Here are 5 easy ways to decorate your patio on a budget to help you get ready for another beautiful spring at home.

Use What You Have
Before you head out and buy new furniture for your patio, consider using what you have and giving it a good makeover. Even the most rusted or stained tables can easily be revamped with a coat of paint or a beautiful tablecloth. Chairs can easily be painted or reupholstered. If you have indoor furnishings that won’t become damaged outdoors, consider bringing them outside, like side tables, bar carts and even small bookcases.  

Hardy Plants For the Win
Instead of decorating with expensive outdoor chotchkes, consider picking up a few hardy, outdoor plants that you can place in simple planters or hang for added color and texture. If you know you have two black thumbs, choose easy to care for plants like succulents to decorate your space, and you’ll be able to easily transform your patio into a plant’s paradise in no time!

Throw Pillows & Rug
If your patio furniture is still in good shape, but has started to look bland, pick up a few outdoor throw pillows and an inexpensive outdoor rug to bring it back to life. You can purchase budget-friendly pillows and rugs from Amazon or at Target, and decorate your entire patio for less than $100 without much effort.

String Lights
If you know you like to relax outdoors until well into the evening, string a set of white lights around your patio to give your space a twinkling glow. You can pick up custom strings of lights in all shapes, sizes and colors, or opt for a simple strand or two of white christmas lights.

Pops of Color
Believe it or not, simply adding a few mason jars filled with freshly cut flowers or a few colorful glass vases filled with cotton or marbles can add just the pop of color your patio needs to feel vibrant and alive. Add a few coffee table books to your outdoor seating area or frame a few of your favorite photographs and place them on side tables. You’ll find your outdoor living space and your indoor living space both feeling very much like home.


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