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Must-Rent Movies for Winter

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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The weather outside might be turning frightful, giving you a perfect excuse to cozy up indoors to watch the year’s best movies from the comfort of your own home. Winter is the ideal season for getting your movie buff on, and when you rent and stay in, you avoid spending exorbitant movie theater prices (or having to leave the comfort of your couch). It’s a win-win!

This year’s best movie rentals are heartwarming, tear-jerking, suspenseful, action-packed and hilarious, and we’ve chosen 5 our favorites to get you started. No matter what your mood or movie preferences, there’s a perfect stay-home movie in this list for you.

This season, take advantage of cold, dark nights, and stay in to catch up on any one of these 5 must-rent movies for winter!

Lean On Pete
This equally heartbreaking and heartwarming drama follows Charlie, a teen living with his single father, as he takes off on a quest across the country with Lean On Pete, a racehorse he has cared for and learned to love. Charlie’s search for home, family and himself will require you to keep a box of tissues on hand, with surprising twists and turns along the way.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor
Filmmaker Morgan Neville explores the life and story of Fred Rogers, the host of the decades-long, popular children’s show, Mr. Rogers, in this touching documentary. At a time when the world seems increasingly more disconnected, divided and complicated, this heartwarming film will remind you of what matters most: being a good neighbor by taking the very best care of one another.

Three Identical Strangers
This spellbinding documentary examines the story of three triplets, separated at birth and adopted by three different families. When the three brothers discover one another by complete accident in their late teens, their reunion becomes a national sensation, but it brings with it the revelation of sinister secrets kept by those who orchestrated their separation and adoption.

Black Panther
This powerful action-packed superhero flick is filled with cool technology, exciting special effects and outstanding performances. In this epic superhero classic, old family secrets clash with those hungry for power, and the Black Panther and people of Wakanda are tested as they strive for security, peace and goodwill toward all.

Crazy Rich Asians
When Rachel agrees to join her boyfriend Nick at his friend’s wedding in his hometown in Singapore, she is surprised to learn of Nick’s wealthy, celebrity-like background. After arriving, Rachel must face Nick’s disapproving socialite mother, quirky relatives and jealous would-be suitors to determine the fate of their relationship.

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