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Easy Ways to Get Your Bedroom Winter-Ready


Winter is the season of rest and hibernation, and there’s no better place to do both than inside your warm and cozy bedroom. Winter is also cold and flu season, and a time for celebrating the holidays with family, friends and social gatherings that can run you down fast. This year, make your bedroom the perfect place to go when you need rest and recovery by sprucing it up with winter-ready design details and elements.

Taking simple steps now to clear out clutter, deep clean dark corners and fluff up your bedding will go a long way to giving you added comfort through long, winter months. You won’t need a big budget or a lot of time to get your bedroom winter-ready this year, but you will need some elbow grease and some serious dedication to a season filled with self-care.

Here are easy ways to get your bedroom ready for winter this year!

Clutter is scientifically shown to create anxiety, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re striving for rest and relaxation. Declutter your bedroom space by eliminating old magazines, piles of clothes, coffee mugs, post-it notes and last week’s unopened mail. Simply clearing clutter from your room will lift the mood and give you an instant sense of calm.

Deep Clean
If you’ve spent your summer months tidying up without tending to dust and old, grimey stains, now is the time to give your bedroom some deep cleaning love. Wipe down your baseboards, vacuum into the corners of your room and closet space, clear the cobwebs from the windows or walls and scrub away coffee stains and clumped up cat hair. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel by simply giving your room a thorough deep clean, and clearing the dust and grime will help you to breathe better, all season long.

Switch Out Bedding
The easiest way to cozy up your bedroom is to bring in fresh, plush bedding that matches your style and comfort needs. Pick up flannel sheets, a fluffy throw blanket and big, plush throw pillows. Consider purchasing a soft, new duvet cover or comforter and make your bed a relaxing, soothing oasis during cold weather months.

Change Up Lighting
Bad lighting can go a long way when it comes to killing a good mood, and when you need rest and recovery, you won’t want bright, blaring lights to steal your need to de-stress. Change up your lighting by picking up a floor lamp and a few lamps to place beside your bed, and choose 3-way light bulbs to help you set the mood depending on the day.

Cozy It Up
If you really want to go for ultimate luxury and comfort at home, you can go the extra mile and pick up extra cozy items to really give your bedroom a winter-ready feel. Purchase a soft, wool or sheepskin rug, a thick and fuzzy robe and a solid pair of blackout curtains. Maybe pick up a bedside table that doubles as a bookshelf to keep your favorite books organized and easy to access from the comfort of your bed. Whatever gives you ultimate comfort is just right for your winter-ready room!


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