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5 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Over the years, you’ve probably heard about the stretching or stress-relieving benefits of yoga. You might even have friends who practice regularly and swear by the way it has affected their mood or mobility. If you still need convincing that a healthy, safe and consistent yoga practice can do both your mind and body good, we’ve come up with 5 reasons to help you get started.

All of our residents are able to enjoy complimentary yoga class in our yoga studio every Thursday night at 6:30 pm to experience the wealth of benefits for themselves. Whether you lead a busy life and seek a basic practice of mindfulness, or you’re an avid runner with tight calves and hamstrings, looking for relief to up your pace and increase your stamina, a yoga practice may be precisely what the doctor ordered.

Breathwork, mindful movement, effective stretching and muscle strengthening are all just a few ways that yoga can impact your body and sense of well-being, even after just a few classes. If you're considering yoga as a way of improving your quality of life and health, here are 5 reasons to give it a try!

*As always, before making any changes to your lifestyle or fitness regime, we recommend you consult your physician, first.

Relieve Stress/Anxiety
Many people begin practicing yoga to relieve stress and combat feelings of anxiety. Yoga has proven to help build a sense of mindfulness and peace through gentle movement, guided meditation and yogic breathing. All of these lead to a sense of being present and calm, and can help to reduce anxiety over both a short and long term.

Improve Flexibility
Yoga is well-known for improving flexibility through its sequence of poses and movements that stretch and mobilize tissue and joints. Whether you’re a distance runner or a desk jockey, yoga can help to mobilize your hips, shoulders and back, helping you to move more efficiently and comfortably throughout your day.

Improve Heart Health
A regular yoga practice can help your heart health, by getting your body moving. Additionally, the relaxation techniques associated with practicing yoga help to improve the quality of your breathing, lower blood pressure and move more mindfully through your day. You may find that a regular yoga practice leads you to making healthier choices in what you eat or drink, leading your body to function optimally overall.

Improve Breathing
You may not notice what the quality of your breathing is like from day to day, but a regular yoga practice that incorporates pranayama (yogic breathing) is sure to improve the way you breathe, while keeping your heart and lungs healthy. Improved breathing can lead to better endurance and can help to reduce pain and lead to a grounded mindfulness practice, as well.

Increase Strength
While yoga has a reputation for improving flexibility and stretching, it also can increase and improve strength. Several poses and sequences in a regular yoga practice are designed specifically to increase strength across your entire body, including legs, abdominals, back and arms. You may come to yoga to relieve stress, but you’ll likely leave with stronger limbs and increased core strength.

*If you're interested in starting a yoga practice and are a resident of Commonwealth at York, join us in our community yoga studio every Thursday at 6:30 pm for a complimentary yoga class.

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