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Pool Safety Tips

Posted by: Mira Roberts
Umbrella and Gazebo by the pool

Pool season is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to begin thinking about pool safety and preparedness. Our beautiful, resort-style pool is a perfect place for everyone in your family to soak up sunshine and play during the summer months, but it also requires staying alert and being mindful of young and inexperienced swimmers.

We take pool safety seriously at Commonwealth at York, and keep a certified lifeguard on duty at all times to keep our residents safe. We also advise our residents to take responsibility for their own pool safety by taking precautionary measures, maintaining constant supervision and being mindful and alert at all times while swimming.

When it comes to pool safety, the rule of thumb is to never leave an inexperienced swimmer alone, and to make sure to teach basic awareness of pool rules and overall safety measures and techniques. Here are a few pool safety tips to get your swim season started off right. Cheers to another summer filled with fabulous pool days at home!

Wear Sunscreen
While we know this doesn’t seem like traditional pool safety, it is definitely important sun safety. If you and your little ones plan to spend extended periods of time beside or in the pool this summer, it’s important to wear protective sunscreen and reapply regularly to prevent harmful UV rays, sunburn and even sun poisoning. Remember that your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s important to take care of it throughout the summer months!

Supervision at All Times
The number one most important thing you can do to keep your family safe at the pool this summer is to ensure that children and inexperienced swimmers are under watchful supervision at all times. Never leave a child alone at the pool-even for a few minutes, and make sure that you make babysitters aware of the importance of constant supervision.  

Swim Lessons
It’s important to give your child basic swim safety instructions and even to begin basic swim lessons to help them become capable and comfortable swimmers. Simply teaching your children to float is a good way to begin, but more comprehensive swim lessons can help your children to become experienced swimmers over time. Check the American Red Cross websites for information on local swim lessons, as well as the local YMCA website for affordable, quality swim lessons.

Stay Away from Drains
It is important that children know not to go near drains, and to avoid putting hands, hair or other body parts in or near them. While pools are designed with safety measures around most drainage equipment, these drains are still designed to use powerful suction to pull objects and debris from the pool, meaning that they can be dangerous if your child or their body parts are in close proximity. Keep your kids away from drains, and keep them safe.

No Running, Pushing or Playing Rough
This probably sounds obvious, but kids get excited while playing at the pool, and can easily forget to pay attention and be careful with other children and their surroundings. While in or near the pool, no one should be running, pushing or playing rough. It’s important to walk slowly, use gentle hands and refrain from rough housing with other children while at the pool.

No Glass or Breakables
While we know you may want to pack waters and juices, snacks and even lunch to bring to the pool during summer months, refrain from bringing glass or other breakable items into the pool area. Since most swimmers will be walking around barefoot, broken glass can quickly and easily cause an injury, and with so many people around, it can be easy to miss small shards of glass or debris.

No Swimming After Alcohol Consumption
If you like to enjoy a summer cocktail on your patio, do it after you have returned home from the pool, and never consume alcohol before swimming or acting as a supervisor to swimmers. You’ll want to be alert, aware and awake when using the community pool, and even trace amounts of alcohol can impair your mental capacities and awareness.

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