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Winter Cleaning Checklist

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Now that winter is here, along with cold weather and below freezing temperatures, you may find yourself spending more time inside your apartment, cozied up with your pets or loved ones. Winter is the perfect season for making the most of your beautiful apartment, and it's an ideal time for entertaining dinner guests, inviting friends or neighbors over to watch football or basketball games and just relaxing in the quiet and comfort of your own home.

Since you'll likely be spending more time indoors than outdoors this season, it makes sense to keep your home clean, tidy and comfortable for both you and your potential guests. In winter, you'll want to make sure you're keeping your floors free and clear of ice, snow or salt from treated sidewalks. You'll want to keep germs at bay by properly wiping down surfaces, and keep dust from piling up and causing congestion by keeping up with a regular dusting schedule.

Winter is a perfect season for tackling an efficient and effective, seasonal deep clean. If you aren't sure where to begin or what cleaning tasks to prioritize, here is a basic winter checklist to get you started!

When your windows are sealed tight and you spend more time indoors, dust can begin to accumulate on bookshelfs, in the corners of your rooms, under your bed or sofa or along the edges of cabinets and tables. Make a point to give your apartment a thorough, winter dusting, and leave no surface left behind. Deep dusting will improve your air quality and the sparkle and look of your home, instantly!

Even if your rugs and carpets look spotless and clean, put your vacuum to work on them, and remove dust, pollen, dander and other unseen objects. Vacuuming your home is an easy way to quickly pull dust and dirt from your rugs, while also keeping pet hair down and helping those with allergies to breathe easier.

Mop Floors
In winter, we tend to track in outdoor elements on the soles of our boots or shoes without realizing it, leaving dirt, ice, snow, salt and other objects in our wake. Make sure to give your floors a proper washing once a week in winter, to make sure that you're picking up any harmful elements and keep your floors looking shiny and new.

Wipe Doorknobs, Handles and Light Switches
Winter is cold and flu season, and it's an important time to make sure that you're properly wiping down surfaces and spaces that receive a lot of handling. Use a wipe with a preferred disinfectant and clean off doorknobs, handles and light switches as often as possible, and at least once per week. 

Clean Vents
During the cold weather months, when your HVAC unit is running constantly, make sure to wipe down vents to remove any debris or dust that may affect your unit's ability to function properly. Check vents regularly for large dust bunnies, pet toys or any other stray items that could potentially block flow, and plan to wipe them down weekly to keep them free and clear.

Clean Baseboards
Baseboard cleaning is a must for seasonal cleaning, and in winter, it will help to keep your floors looking brighter and keep dust and muck from gathering. Wipe down baseboards in all rooms, including your bathroom, and you'll notice instant sparkle in your home that will last for weeks at a time.

Disinfect Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks and Countertops
When you spend a lot of time indoors, you tend to use your kitchen and bathroom more frequently, requiring a more regular and thorough cleaning of these surfaces. Make sure to properly clean and disinfect the sinks and countertops in both your kitchen and bathroom weekly during winter months. This will help to keep soap scum, bacteria and germs at bay, all season long.

Wipe Down Cabinets
If you find yourself putting your gorgeous kitchen to good use this winter, you'll probably start to notice your cabinets needing a regular and thorough wipe down. Heat and condensation can affect the look of cabinet fronts, and a simple wipe down with warm water and soap can have your cabinetry looking sparkling and new in no time!

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