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5 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress

Posted by: Mira Roberts

The holiday season is the season "to be merry," but for many people, it can quickly become the season for feeling stress. Somewhere between the shopping and spending, the constant holiday parties and social gatherings and the influx of sugary and heavy foods, it can be easy to feel run down, burnt out and, well, in distress.

The holidays don't have to be a drain to your system and your health, but to navigate them without becoming overwhelmed, exhausted and financially spent, you will have to commit to maintaining healthy practices and routines throughout the season. While the excitement of the holidays may initially inspire you to want to throw your usual exercise regime and healthy diet to the wind, we strongly encourage you to maintain a wholesome diet and exercise regularly to help you combat stress right off the bat.

You truly can enjoy a merry holiday season filled with your loved ones and the traditions you enjoy. Here are 5 ways to help you relieve and manage holiday stress to help you feel jolly and bright, all season long!

Move Your Body
Getting in 30 minutes of exercise each day is the fastest and easiest way to relieve stress and boost your mood. While the endorphins alone will help to lift your spirits, the increased blood flow, focus on breath and actual moving of your joints and muscles will have you feeling invigorated and strong, no matter how stressful the season is shaping out to be. Moving your body might look like taking a brisk walk, taking a daily yoga class or taking a bootcamp class before the sun rises. Any movement that helps your body to feel its best will do. 

Eat Wholesome Food
The holiday season can have you sitting down to one heavy meal after another, which can wreak havoc on your gut and your overall health. While it's certainly okay to indulge a little over the holidays, it's important to maintain a healthy, wholesome diet, made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. You'll need to be eating nutritious foods to keep your energy up and spirits high, especially when social events and activities begin to demand your time. 

Rest is Best
When stress begins to spike, stop, drop and get some sleep. When your energy is running low, there's only one way to get it back up, and that's through a good night of rest. Try to maintain your normal sleep schedule throughout the holidays, to ensure that you get regular, satisfying sleep each night. Go to bed at the same time each night, and wake up at the same time each day. Try to avoid eating heavy foods before bed or spending an hour looking at your phone or screen. If your system feels strained and you have a hard time sleeping, try drinking a cup of chammomile tea or taking a warm bath to help your body slow down and get settled for a long night of restful Zs.

Less is More
Mass consumerism can make the holidays feel like one giant episode of More, More, More, and the mental and financial strain of trying to purchase long lists of gifts can become too much for any person to bare. This holiday season, commit to buying less, so that you can give more of your actual love and connection to the ones that matter. You don't have to buy hundreds of dollars of gifts or go into debt to show your loved ones how much you care. Instead, consider making gifts, baking favorite goodies or simply spending one-on-one quality time with the ones you love. You'll finish the season feeling financially stable and more deeply connected to the people in your life. Win-win!

Sugar and Alcohol in Moderation
We know that it's almost impossible to resist some sweet treats and sparkling cocktails during the holiday season, but do try to consume in moderation to prevent becoming dehydrated, bloated and run down. Limit the amount of sugary foods you consume at social gatherings, around the office and at home, and try to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. While it can be fun to indulge, too much indulgence can zap your energy fast. Stick to a healthy diet and consume your favorite treats and drinks in moderation.

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