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Best Plants for Your Patio

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Container gardening is an easy way to bring color and life to your patio, while giving you another excuse to spend more time relaxing outside in spring and summer. Many plants thrive in properly drained pots, and can safely withstand the heat of summer without much fuss or care. If you're thinking of putting your green thumb to work on a container garden, there are a few things to consider before you begin potting!

While some plants enjoy a pot with good drainage in a partly sunny spot, others need to grow in the ground. It's important to know which plants will flourish in your container garden, and how much sun or shade they'll need to grow. We've selected some of our favorite plants that do best in the sun or semi-sun, and make for excellent patio plants.

Before you head to the nursery to pick out your bounty of beautiful new plants, make sure to purchase pots with drainage. The most effective way to keep your plants thriving and healthy is to place them in appropriate-sized pots with sufficient drainage. We recommend asking for assistance at your nearby nursery when choosing pots to house any of these lovely plants for your patio...

Coral Bells
Coral Bells often do better in pots than in the ground, and they can easily withstand the heat of summer in partial sun on your patio. Their colorful flowers bloom in summer, bringing bright peach and deep burgundy hues to your already beautiful patio.

Begonias are hardy, colorful plants that thrive in pots with proper drainage and can withstand summer heat in partial or full sunshine. The only way to make life hard for a begonia is to put it in a pot without drainage and cause it to become too wet. Double check your pot size and make sure you cut out a hole for water to drain out before potting, and these plants will flower and bloom for maximum beauty on your patio this summer!

These flowering shrubs are a southern tradition, and they grow nicely in an appropriately-sized pot in both shade and sun. You can cut their beautiful flowers for fresh flower vases indoors, and watch them bloom in white, green, pink, blue, purple or a combination of several colors throughout the summer.

Geraniums are a fairly easy plant to grow in warm weather months, requiring about 8 hours of direct sunlight and moist soil in a well-drained pot to grow. Geraniums cannot withstand the cold, so it's best to wait until any chill is gone before beginning to pot these, and plan to bring them inside when fall comes around. Geraniums come in a variety of colors and look beautiful in hanging baskets or in a decorative pot.

Potting a variety of pansies in a big, well-drained pot is a simple, cost-effective way to outfit your patio with color, texture and life, without much work! You can pickup pansies in almost every color at your nearby nursery or hardware store, and bunch them together in pots based on your own personal artistic vision. Pansies do best in partial or full sun, but otherwise won't need much fussing.

Also called snapdragons, angelonia are a more delicate flower that can withstand the heat in the right conditions. They require direct sunlight and a well-drained pot, and are otherwise happy to grow and bloom in shades of pink, mauve, purple, blue and white. You can mix angelonia plants with other herbs or plants for a colorful, potted bouquet, or leave them on their own for a distinctive look, all season long.

Believe it or not, many roses can grow swimmingly in pots in the sun on your patio, and will fill your patio with delightful fragrance and beautiful blooms! Roses do need sunshine and a well-drained pot, but otherwise don't need much managing as they grow.

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