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Allergy Hacks for Spring

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Spring is right around the corner, and already trees are in bloom and pollen is beginning to blanket our cars and patios. Itchy eyes, runny noses and dry coughs can't be far behind, and if you or someone you know is affected by seasonal allergies, now is the time to take preventative steps to keep symptoms at bay.

Believe it or not, you may not necessarily need a high dose prescription or most days spent indoors to avoid suffering from uncomfortable hay fever or spring allergies. Simple changes in lifestyle, combined with easy, basic practices can help you to stay outdoors all season long, while breathing easy and feeling your best!

After a long winter spent indoors, you're ready to get back out there and enjoy your beautiful city and neighborhood. Don't let seasonal allergies slow you down, and make the most of the spring season by taking advantage of these basic allergy hacks for spring...

 *As always, before you make any changes to your lifestyle, please consult your doctor for advice.

Keep Windows and Patio Doors Closed
While you may want to take advantage of refreshing spring breezes, it is best to limit the amount of pollen that makes its way into your home each day, and you can do this best by closing your windows and doors. Rely on your air conditioning and ceiling fans to maintain a comfortable temperature, and keep pollen outside where it belongs.

Clean Yourself, Your Clothes and Your Bedding
After spending time outdoors, come inside to shower and change your clothes. Pollen can easily be tracked inside your home by way of your clothes, skin and hair, and even if you remove yourself from a particularly blustery, spring day, the spores will be all over you unless you remove them. Also, wash your bedding and towels in hot water frequently to remove any pollen that may have found its way inside and into your space.

Wear Sunglasses
This may sound too simple, but in fact, your sunglasses will act as protection for your eyes against harmful and uncomfortable pollen. When headed outdoors, keep your eyes covered and safeguard against more than harmful sun damage.

Nasal Saline and Eye Drops for the Win
When your eyes begin to feel dry and itchy, reach for doctor-approved eye drops for relief. When you start to feel your nose running, or begin to sneeze and cough, use a simple, doctor-approved nasal saline to wash out your nasal cavity and keep pollen from entering your airway. 

Up Your Water Intake
Throughout the year, staying hydrated is essential to good health, but especially during allergy season, make sure to get your glasses in. When your body begins to feel dehydrated, it releases histamines (you know about those!), and during allergy season, you want to keep histamines at bay. Drink up!

Drink Green Tea
Not only will drinking a cup of green tea help to keep you alert and awake throughout the day, but it also contains a compound called EGCG that works to block the production of histamines, helping to combat your allergy symptoms from the inside out.

Avoid Time Outside in the Morning
We know you have to leave your house each day for work or to walk your dog, but try to avoid spending an exorbitant amount of time outdoors between the hours of 5 am and 10 am, when pollen counts are at their highest. Move your morning run to the afternoon or evening, and try to linger with your coffee on weekend mornings before heading out for brunch or errands.

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