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Game Day Recipes: Super Bowl Snack Ideas

Posted by: Mira Roberts

In honor of the Super Bowl in just a few days, we scoured the internet to find recipes that will wow your game day crowd, and help you cheer your team on to an ultimate win. Gathering with friends and family for game days is an American past time, and whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party, or attending one, you're probably planning to indulge in game day food that is delicious, hearty and satisfying.

Classic buffalo wings, cheesy meatballs, spinach and artichoke dip and a giant, skillet cookie recipe round out our list of indulgent, delicious and ultra-satisfying game day recipes. Most of these dishes can be prepared the day before to make it easy on hosts or hostesses, and if not, they're easy enough to whip up shortly before you have to head out the door.

Get ready to don your team's jersey, gather with your gaggle of neighbors and friends and dig into your favorite Super Bowl snacks! Enjoy every one of these delicious game day recipes, and may the best team win! 

Classic Buffalo Wings
Quite possibly the last and only buffalo wings recipe you'll ever need, this recipe is equal parts sweet, savory and zingy, and will wow every member of your tailgating or party crowd. You'll want to save this recipe somewhere so that you can use it throughout the year for parties, game days and just any old time you're craving zesty flavor.

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip
This is not a snack to bring to a health-conscious game day party, as you'll certainly be indulging in every one of your favorite, hearty, heavy foods, all at once. Flavor  and texture will reign supreme in this gooey, cheesy, zesty dip that will hit the spot when anxieties start to run high.

Cheese Stuffed Meatballs
You can never have too much cheese, and on game days, it's best to layer it, stuff it and top it on just about any(every)thing. Right? These cheese stuffed meatballs are as gooey and tasty as you'd imagine, and will be crowd favorites and perfect for all ages.

Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip
We love the rich, southern dips from Southern Living, like this one, which is easy to prepare a day in advance and bake before serving on game day. This classic spinach and artichoke dip is easy to make and lighter in calories and fat, and will fill you up without weighing you down. 

Colby Pepper Jack Cheese Dip
Whip up this spicy cheese dip from Southern Living the night before your super bowl party, and simply bake before serving for ultimate convenience. You can add chicken to the recipe for added protein, and pump up the heat with additional spicy peppers. No matter how you put your personal touch on this recipe, you'll swoon for the rich, gooey texture and flavor.

Layered Spicy Black Bean Dip
It doesn't get much easier than this spicy, creamy and zingy black bean dip recipe, and if you're in a rush to get to your party and need to whip up something fast, this recipe from Southern Living is it. Layered cream cheese, shredded cheese, black bean dip and your favorite fresh toppings make this dip perfect for dipping with chips or even rolling up in a flour tortilla. 

Perfect Guacamole with Pico de Gallo
This authentic guacamole dip is for foodies who love football as much as they love their guac. Zesty, chunky and bursting with unexpected flavor, this recipe will win over your crowd and your family. Keep it around for taco night and any time you get a hankering for authentic Mexican cuisine at home.

Slow Cooker Chicken Chili
Is it really a super bowl party without a big pot of chili to spoon or dip? We say no, and this chicken chili recipe is a winner you'll want to include in your spread. Sweet and spicy, this chili recipe is will warm you up if you're outdoors tailgating, or even indoors getting nervous after watching a bad throw. Easy to prepare the morning of the big game, your guests will be happy to help you finish off the entire pot before the game is over.

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
Game day eats are not simply made of dips and wings. You have to have something sweet to clean your palate as the game comes to an end (and hopefully, your team wins!). This delicious chocolate chip skillet cookie goes nicely with a scoop of ice cream, and your guests can cut and nibble as they please. Easy to prepare and even easier to eat, you'll be glad you remembered something sweet during high intensity moments.



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