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10 Best Indoor House Plants

Posted by: Mira Roberts

There's no denying that keeping plants indoors is good for your design aesthetic and for your air quality. Adding even small potted plants to side tables or into empty corners adds a boost of color and texture to any room, while purifying your air and helping to keep your home healthier. Whether you have two green thumbs or certifiable black thumbs, there's good news when it comes to finding the plants that will thrive in your home. 

Hardy, hard-to-kill plants are actually easy to find at your nearby nursery or Lowes, and they can be as inexpensive as they are built to last. From beautiful spider plants to spikey, multi-purpose aloe plants, you won't have to be a lifelong gardener to fill your home with healthy, living plants. Here are 10 of the easiest and best indoor house plants to care for. If you have pets or children, plan to keep them out of reach at all times (many of them are toxic when eaten). 

Spider Plant
Spider plants make for excellent decorating with their unusual growth pattern and their beatuiful leaves. You'll enjoy hanging these plants in bright rooms with lots of sun, and you will want to water them before their soil gets dry. Aside from that, they'll grow and thrive easily and add bright color and texture to any room in your home.

Aloe Plant
Your aloe plant will want to grow in a room with a lot of sun, so consider putting them in a kitchen window or bright spot where they can thrive. They won't, however, need much watering, and you'll want to let their soil get dry before watering again. Aloe plants have powerful medicinal properties, and can soothe irritated skin after bug bites or too much time spent in the sun. 

Rubber Tree
These easy-to-grow trees can grow up to 8 feet tall for those looking to really fill their homes with greenery and thriving plant life. You can also prune them down to keep them small, and they're easy to care for, needing some light and less watering (let the soil dry before you water).

Snake Plant
The snake plant's stick-straight leaves and occasional white flowers makes it an interesting and beautiful plant to place in your home. Also, it may be the easiest plant to care for, growing well in all lighting conditions and room temperatures, and needing minimal watering (when the soil is dry).

Jade Plant
Jade plants need minimal watering and bright light to thrive, and that's about it. These lush plants with thick leaves can live for years and years, and they look lovely potted in kitchens or in bright living rooms. If you're already a fan of the easy-to-care-for succulent family, you'll love owning a jade plant.

These forgiving and fun plants are easy to care for and make for stunning displays with their spikes and creative colors. They thrive in warm, sunny environments, and will do well in a bright kitchen or beside a big window in your living or dining room. 

English Ivy
A classic plant that looks lovely in just about every room in your home, you'll love placing these plants in small pots and using them as accents in your living room or bedroom. They like cooler temperatures and moist soil, so you'll need to water them regularly and keep them out of your hot kitchen or steamy bathroom. You can also snip off a section of the stem to create new ivy plants whenever you need a quick housewarming gift, or want to place new plants throughout your home.

Philodendren Plant
This popular plant has interesting, heart-shaped leaves that create beautiful, long trails. Perfect for hanging or placing in pots, these plants are easy to care for, and require moderate watering and sunlight in order to grow and thrive.

Pothos Plant
Pothos plants are one of these most effective air purifiers of all indoor plants, stripping your air of even formaldehyde from materials like carpet, etc. Also, pothos plants are beautiful, leafy and green, and they look beautiful hung in baskets. They do produce long, trailing stems, so you'll want to cut them back when they grow too long for your preference (or, create a trellis for them to flow through). They thrive in a variety of lighting conditions and don't need to be watered frequently.

Peace Lily
The peace lily's beautiful white blooms and dark leaves are enough to make you want to bring it home, but this easy-to-care-for and easily grown plant is more than what it looks like. A wonderful air purifier, the peace lily can thrive in rooms with low lights and in most room temps (as long as it doesn't get much hotter than 85 degrees). Pick up a few to scatter throughout your home, and you'll love seeing these luscious plants bloom and grow.



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