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Sip These Sensational Cocktails All Summer Long

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Summer is in full effect, with pool parties, outdoor barbeques and beach adventures already making their way onto your social calendar. It's the season of cooling off, slowing down and relaxing in the sun...with a good cocktail in your hand!

Summer cocktails are designed to be as creative and colorful as they are delicious and refreshing. Each summer, we start making a list of cool, new cocktails to try out on easy Friday evenings or on extended, beach vacations. Dust off your blender, stock up on fresh fruit, ripe lemons and stylish glassware, and you'll be on your way.

We know that everyone's tastes are different, and choosing just the right cocktail is something of a science. Whether you prefer sweet and sparkling, or dry, sour or even bitter, we're convinced our 10 sensational cocktails will satisfy your thirst precisely. Gather your friends and neighbors to help you work your way through this list of delightful cocktails, and cheers to a season of new flavors!

  1. Mojito Slushies. Because nothing says summer like breaking out your blender, these slushies take refreshing to new heights. If you thought your favorite mojito recipe simply couldn't get any more satisfying, guess again. You'll keep coming back to this one, all summer long. 
  2. Cuba Libre. For all of you rum and coke fans, get ready to ramp it up with a solid boost of fresh lime juice. Pack with ice and lounge back with this easy-to-make drink for the classic cocktail aficionado in your life.
  3. Sweet Tea Sangria. Southern ladies and gentlemen, we have found your summer cocktail fix. This simple recipe highlights the taste of your favorite sweet tea and makes for perfect patio sipping on a hot summer afternoon.
  4. Limoncello Collins. This tangy, classic twist on your favorite Tom Collins cocktail makes for the perfect cocktail at the end of a long, hot week at work. Fresh mint, sour lemon and good gin blend together to create cocktail perfection.
  5. Sunset Punch. When you need to whip up punch for your summer gathering, you'll wow your guests with this bourbon-based punch that features tangy, sweet flavors and quite the kick at the end.
  6. Cucumber Margarita. There might be nothing more refreshing than a margarita made with cucumber-infused tequila, but we'll let you be the judge. 
  7. Michelada. If you like spicy, beer and cocktails, well, you've found your fix in the Michelada. A combo of lime juice, hot sauce and Mexican lager, you'll love sipping this at your next barbeque. 
  8. Honeydew Mimosas. Blend melon, ice and sugar before adding sparkling wine or champagne and poof-you've got the perfect summer brunch cocktail that you'll have a hard time putting down.
  9. Spiked Lemonade. Sipping cool lemonade on hot summer days just feels right, and when you add vodka and orange liqueur to the mix, you may find yourself in cocktail heaven.
  10. Root Beer Float. If you haven't heard of root beer flavored vodka, now you know. This decadent, spiked version of a root beer float even includes rich whipped cream on top for the ultimate summer remake cocktail.

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