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Storing Summer Clothes

Posted by: Mira Roberts

5 Tips for Storing Summer Clothes

Cooler weather is here to stay, and it's finally time to break out your boots, sweaters and scarves. Free up closet space for bulkier winter clothing and accessories now, and begin packing up summer shorts, sandals and beach gear.

The secret to success when it comes to packing and storage is organization and, fortunately, we're specialists! Choosing which items to pack up and where to store them requires some planning, so hop to it with these 5 tips for storing summer clothes:

  1. Pick your location. Before you begin packing up summer items, decide where you'll store them and how much space you have. Clothes can pack up neatly and nicely underneath the bed, at the top of bedroom and hallway closets and in individual storage units. Check out your options and choose a storage plan that suits your life.
  2. Cleaner is better. In your haste to pack up, don't forget to thoroughly wash and clean your clothes, shoes and beach materials. Shake out and rinse off flip flops and beach bags, wash beach towels in hot water, and send all clothing through the washer. You'll thank yourself next April (we promise!).
  3. Choose wisely. Think carefully about items that you may need handy throughout the winter. Are you planning a beach vacation out of town in January? You may want to leave a few items out for easy access. Short sleeved t-shirts can come in handy throughout the cold weather months, and your beach bag may double as a gym bag in a pinch.
  4. Label. On the off chance that you do have to rustle out a stray summer dress in the middle of February, you'll want to find what you're looking for and fast. Label storage boxes and bags to help you down the road.
  5. Start fresh. Now that you've cleaned out space in your closet for winter clothes, take the time to freshen up your closet space and wardrobe. Get rid of clothes that remain unworn and wipe down walls, floors and corners to keep dust away.

At Commonwealth at York, you have a lot of storage options.  All of our floor plans have ample closet space and shelving that you can stack storage boxes or bags up to the 9 foot ceilings.  If you run out of room, we have storage you can rent for just $45 or garages for $175 that include an extra parking space.

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