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7 Easy Ways To Eliminate Pet Odors At Home

May 9, 2019 | News & Events

Posted by: Mira Roberts

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Caring for your pets is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you do as a proud pet owner, but that doesn’t mean it’s always glamorous (or odor-free) work. If you’ve ever visited a friend’s apartment and immediately smelled their pet owner status from the moment you walked in the front door, then you know how powerful pet odors can be. The good news is that you can continue on living with and loving your pet (even if they are odor-producing), by taking simple steps to eliminate pesky odors at home.

Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, most pets come with a signature scent, and if they regularly sleep in a bed, go on walks, use a litter box, play with toys, use a crate for training or just have fur and dander, well, they’re bound to create some pet odor. You don’t have to have your dog groomed every week or have your apartment professionally cleaned every other day to keep your apartment smelling fresh and clean with pets at home. Simple but effective cleaning and maintenance tips will keep your apartment and your pet smelling and feeling their best in no time!

Here are 7 easy ways to eliminate pet odors at home, so you can get back to cuddling your favorite fur-baby without the smell.

Windows and Air Flow Are Your Friends

As often as you can, keep your windows open and fans and air purifiers running. A fresh breeze will instantly eradicate stale smells, and even small air purifiers will work to remove stinky odors from the rooms of your home in no time. Especially after your pet has been bathed or just come home from a long walk, open those windows and let the air flow do its work!

Bathing is Beautiful

We know it isn’t the most glamorous part of being a pet owner, but giving your pup a regular bath will go a long way to keeping them smelling fresh. Some dogs do require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and clean, so make sure to schedule grooming appointments in an appropriate amount of time to keep your pet and your apartment smelling brand new.

Clean the Source of Odor

Obviously, the easiest way to keep odors down is to clean the source of the odor, and that includes furniture (couches, chairs and beds that pets sleep on) and floors and carpets. It doesn’t take much to regularly sweep and mop floors that pets walk or sleep on, and vacuuming and shampooing your carpets is an easy way to instantly remove lingering pet odor.

Wash Bedding & Toys

If your pup or kitty prefers to sleep in a cozy bed of their own, be sure to regularly wash it to remove stinky smells. While you’re at it, wash all toys and throw away any toys that have stink that can outlast your washer.

Wipe Down Paws

After taking your pup out for a long walk or romp around the Bark Park, stop and wipe down their paws before they enter your apartment. This simple step will keep them from tracking in dirt, debris and odors they’ve picked up outdoors and will simplify your regular cleaning tasks.

Wipe Down Crate

If you crate train your pup or have a dog who stays in their crate while you’re gone, be sure to keep it clean and wiped down. Simply pulling all blankets and bedding out, as well as toys, bowls and treats, and wiping down the inside of the crate will make a big difference in how the crate smells and feels to your pup.

Replace Litter

If you have a beloved feline friend at home, remember to regularly replace all the litter in their box, while giving the box a thorough washing and wipe down. You’ll want to plan to fully replace litter and clean their box once every 30 days at minimum, and make sure to watch around the box for spills or stray litter throughout the week, as well.