The Commonwealth at York

5 Places To Run Near Commonwealth At York Apartments

May 9, 2019 | News & Events

Posted by: Donje Putnam

5 Places to run near to The Commonwealth at York apartments:

  1. City Center:  The social runner will enjoy meeting up with a Wedneday running group, or people watching at this busy city center.  The circle around the fountain is .35 miles, but the Color Me Rad 5K was in this area, so you can find a fun 3 mile run with no problems.
  2. Ft. Monroe:  1.8 miles along the seawall an tons of other fields and places to explore- Fort Monroe is a bit of a drive, but worth every minute to enjoy beach views and a peaceful enviroment.
  3. Kiln Creek Fitness Trail: The closet place to run to our community, this is a beautiful paved path that circles around the golf course.  It’s about 3 miles, so practice for that 5K!
  4. Matteson Trail:  Just a few minutes away is another golf course run.  A three mile trail, freshly paved in 2012. Watch out for golf balls!
  5. Newport News Park:  Not only for jogging, but boating, biking and more, Newport News Park is one of the largest on the east coast.  Enjoy the 5.3 mile multi use trail–just expect bikes and others to share the trail.